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Smoke & Odor Removal

The lingering smell of smoke and other unpleasant odors in industrial and residential establishments are common problems that bother owners. When left untreated, these odors could worsen rather than fade over time and pose some health risks to people staying in the area.

Common Sources of Odors You Should Check

There are various sources of odor that you should look into both at home or other establishments, each having specific treatments to get rid of it.

House fire

An obvious sign that smoke has lingered in your house is after it experiences a house fire or is near a house that has been on fire. The smell of smoke could remain for weeks or even months and could settle in the interior and exterior of your home.

Smoke and soot from nearby fires could also seep into your furniture, flooring, walls, or any porous surfaces at home. When this happens, the smoke can stain parts of your property and pose a serious health risk for your family, who would be frequently exposed to these smells.

Leaking pipes which result in mold growth

Where there is moisture, molds could easily grow. Unnoticed leaking pipes in your kitchen or bathroom and water presence in any part of the house could breed molds. When left untreated, the mold could smell bad and may be hard to remove. There is a possibility that the bad odor will remain even if you also extinguished the source.

Areas which often experience floods or natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and tidal waves could be more prone to mold growth and nasty smell that are hard to get rid of except when you seek the help of professionals.

Organic sources

Sewage, biological matters, and decomposing elements in your trash bin could be a great source of nasty odor at home. Bacteria and pathogens released from these sources of bad odors should be removed immediately to end any health hazards you may have at home or business.


Fur and dander can leave an unpleasant and lingering odor at your home, especially if you live with many pets like dogs and cats. A simple cleaning can remove their waste, but the smell would be a different story. You would need professional help with this to avoid having a smelly home.


Spills on carpets, spoiled food, and the aroma of your home-cooked meals could leave a lingering smell that is hard to remove with just plain air fresheners.

What Should We Look For in a Professional Odor Removal Service

The bad smell that lingers and stays around your house cannot be remediated by just spraying air fresheners. This will only mask the bad odor that would come back again when the freshener’s scent is gone. That is why professional services are recommended for this matter. Here are some things you should consider when choosing the best odor-removing company for your home or business.

24/7 Emergency Services

You would never know when a fire would strike your place or a nearby establishment. If this happens, the first service you’ll need after the fire is out is a restoration, including smoke odor removal.

The same goes with other odor sources that endanger your and your family’s health. You should immediately extinguish the source and the lingering smell to provide healthy breathing air in your home.

Value for Price

If you seek professional help in cleaning and removing these nasty odors in your place, you should do in-depth research. Look up prices for the same services offered by different companies to assess which one fits your budget.

Do note that you should not always trust an affordable and quick service. A company that does a great job in its field would be meticulous and may require a longer time to fully remove any remaining bad odor.

Trained Technicians to Do the Cleaning

Removing odors from a recent fire, pets, or year’s worth of mold growth is not easy as wiping out the dirt. It needs professional intervention where trained technicians inspect the area and assess what cleaning techniques and cleaning agents they would use for the job.

Technicians who would work in your place should have the training, expertise, and certifications from credited organizations to ensure that the odor removal would be handled effectively.

Use of Efficient Odor Removal Techniques

Professional cleaning and odor removal services use advanced equipment like nano filters, air scrubbers, ozone generators, and hydroxyl technology to efficiently remove smoke odors and other sources of bad smell.

Odor Removal Techniques Used by Professionals

Airborne chemicals, gases, and tiny particles produced by bad odors can be a source of serious health risk that needs to be managed immediately. Technicians from professional cleaning companies base their cleaning procedures on science to fully eliminate the source of these odors. Here are some effective cleaning techniques and agents they use.

Masking Agents

Masking agents like air fresheners are used to cover the bad odor in a place while other deodorization processes take place. These are not primary odor removal techniques but an additional step to help the technicians lessen the bad smell while they are eliminating the source. Some companies use these, and some don’t, but it depends on their processes and techniques.

Filtration Agents

Filtration agents filter odor gases from the air using absorption and adsorption, which collect odors and eliminate them. Absorption agents are extremely absorptive substances, inert fillers, or perfumes. They act to absorb foul odor particles in the air and destroy them.

Adsorption agents capture odor gases and trap them on the surface of the substance to lessen the foul smell in the place.

Pairing Agents

An effective chemical used by technicians is pairing agents. Its primary role is to pair or combine with odor particles and eliminate them. Pairing agents can be humectants, a highly absorbent substance that combines with airborne odor particles and cause them to crystallize for cleaning.

Another type of pairing agent is a counteractant, which combines with the odor-causing agents and destroys them. Pairing agents can be administered through wiping, spraying, or fogging.

Disinfectants and Sanitizers

These substances came into play as the technicians identified and removed the source of the odor. Upon eliminating the source, technicians would administer various disinfectants and sanitizers to remove further the deep-seated bacteria and fungi that may still breed if not properly managed.


When a substance combines with oxygen, oxidation occurs. In the oxidation process, we permanently destroy the odor particles in the air. In this process, ozone or hydroxyl generators can be the primary substance to produce ozone gas or hydroxyl radicals to eliminate the nasty smell.

Thermal Fogging for Smoke Odors

An effective technique for eliminating smoke odors is thermal fogging. The fog produced in the process, which contains very fine particles, deodorizes and neutralizes the odor particles to kill the lingering smoke odors.

The process includes suppression spraying using a pressurized sprayer to get into as much space as possible where smoke has landed and penetrated the surfaces. Thorough removal of the odor source is also part of the process, where vacuuming and hand-cleaning the surfaces are included.

Technicians would work in two teams where one person sets up the room and guides the fogger, and the other sprays the area. The fogger would start from the farthest corner of the room, moving backwards into the area to avoid too much exposure to fog. Drawers, closets, and cabinets should be left open during the fogging.

What Goes Into the Odor Removal Service

1. In-home Consultation and Site Visit

A visit from the technician would happen before starting the odor removal process. The technician would assess the severity of the odor, identify the cause and sources, and compute the actual time to complete the job.

2. Final Quote and Plan of Action

Your local technician would discuss the final quote for the project and the cleaning techniques they would implement. You can ask them your questions before they start the job and the course of action to be taken. In this step, you can assess how much you will prepare and the length of time the job will take.

3. Odor Removal Process

The technician will execute the cleaning and odor removal process using proven treatments and cleaning agents to extinguish the source of bad odor in your area. They may use chemicals that remove the deep-seated bacteria in the odor source, so it is important to avoid exposure to those chemicals for your safety.

4. Final Instruction from the Technician

After the service, the technician would give you instructions to prevent the return of these odors and some cleaning tips for your home.

The Solution to Your Odor Problems

You cannot ignore bad odor, especially if it is the first thing you’ll smell in the morning upon waking up. Let Remediate Renovation be your partner in ending these musty smells. With our proven and effective odor removal technology, you would surely restore the optimum air quality for your home and enjoy every moment with your family in the freshest way possible.


Smoke & Odor Removal

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