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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is a destructive disaster that can occur in any building and home. Looking at your invested properties being damaged by fire is heartbreaking. However, there is a specific way to restore your property in its pre-loss condition, but it will take some time, depending on the fire damage, and requires the right people to do the job.

Fire damage restoration is the specific process wherein this can be achieved. It will involve cleaning up harmful fire debris such as asbestos and lead, demolishing damaged parts, soot and odor removal, and some reconstruction works. It follows a specific sequence of steps to restore a fire-damaged property successfully.

Experiencing a fire tragedy is hard, and we know that you need all the help you can get to deal with the aftermath. This article will discuss the thorough process of fire restoration damage and what assistance a good fire restoration damage company can offer to help you back on your property in the shortest time.

The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

Any cleaning services start with a visual inspection wherein the contractors will assess the extent of fire damage. However, a licensed authority should approve first before the contractor can get into your property.

Once they have gained access to the property, visual assessment starts. The company will check for the coverage of flames and smoke penetrating the walls or the structure. Also, water damage and the degree of cleaning the property needs.

Included in the inspection are the contents of the building that can be saved, restored, or should be discarded. After such inspection, the contractor can now decide the duration it will take to restore the place, the cleaning process, and how much it will cost. You can talk to them regarding the cost and other fees you may have to pay during this time.

After the inspection, the property to be restored is secured by building fences or barricades around the building to limit access from an unauthorized person that may affect the restoration process. This step is very important to narrow down the work and avoid cross-contamination in the perimeter. Parts of the property that were not impacted by the fire will be sealed off, and contents that are still usable will be secured, moved, or transferred.

When these unaffected parts of the property are secured, the removal of debris and structures that are fire damaged will start. Burnt walls and flooring will be stripped off from the structure. Components of the property that have incurred water damage will be dried out to avoid corrosion using water extraction chemicals and equipment. The roof will be secured to hold off further water damage.

Cleaning up is the next step and the most tedious process. It involves manual labor to eliminate soot and odor from the property's interior and exterior surfaces using a brush and a water-chemical mixture. Lead and asbestos that are common fire residues should also be immediately eliminated because they are harmful to your lungs.

The cleaners will inspect and clean the ducts to remove fire debris, dust, soot, and smoke that settled in the air ducts. Deodorizing agents are used to remove smoke odors. Antimicrobial chemicals that prevent moisture mold growth in the property may also be applied.

Once every inch has been wiped clean, the contractor will proceed with the restoration and reconstruction. Depending on the assessment, roofs will be replaced if needed, repainting the walls, adding new walling and flooring material, replacing other interior fixtures and other parts to restore the building to its previous condition.

Benefits Fire Damage Restoration Company Can Offer

Restoring fire damage is exhausting and time-consuming. It is also expensive and requires sophisticated tools and the right techniques, so you should hire professionals to do the job. Here are some key benefits awaiting you when hiring a professional fire damage restoration team.

  • Removal of Fire Residue Efficiently - We know it is tempting to restore your home by yourself, but there will be limitations of what you can do and what a fire damage restoration company can give. An important part of this process is the removal of fire debris, soot, and lingering smoke odor where deodorizing agents will be used, and special tools are required. Professionals will not remove only these residues from the property but can also include your personal belongings. They will be able to restore your home like no fire has ever happened.
  • Use of Proper Methods and Tools- Fire restoration damage is not a job for everyone, even if you know how to do it. Getting experts is the best option because they have the right tools and techniques to complete the job.These types of equipment range from soot removal to mitigating water damage that may include chemicals and antimicrobial agents that need training and knowledge to administer safely.
  • Save Money and Time- As mentioned, fire restoration is time-consuming, and if you decide to clean your home by yourself, it will certainly be exhausting. However, hiring professional workers can save time and money because they work in teams and stick to a schedule, making the restoration process easier and quicker. You also do not have to worry about equipment rental fees because they already have these.
  • Safety and Security- Suppose you have concerns about the safety of your property; you should get a professional service because it will be comforting to know that a team of experts is getting the job done for you. You will have peace of mind that there will be no further damage to your property because they know what they are doing.
  • High-Quality Service - When professionals work, you expect high-quality service worth every penny you spend. Experienced fire damage contractors can restore your property and offer other personalized services as the fire had never happened. They will give you real-time updates on the progress of the fire damage restoration property and will be open to your inquiries.

What To Look For A Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire can cause a lot of damage to your property, and once it's finally out, you have to deal with the clean-up and restoration. Many fire damage restoration contractors will give you amazing features, and it will be challenging to choose one that will offer quality service without breaking your bank. Here are some factors you should consider in finding the best team for your needs.

A fire damage restoration company must respond immediately. Before asking for the cost, ask about their availability and how fast they can go to your property. The ideal fire restoration should be available around the clock to assist you in dealing with the fire damage. The longer you wait, the greater damage can be to the structure.

Fire damage restoration is a thorough process, and it goes beyond cleaning fire debris. It involves the restoration and reconstruction of the property from the interior and exterior surfaces, so it will be wise to probe the methods used. Appropriate tools and a safe process is ideal to ensure that they can get your properties fixed. Also, if they offer other services such as air duct cleaning and water damage restoration, the better.

The company should be licensed and insured, and their workers should be trained to do the job. A licensed company follows standard rules when repairing damaged properties and exhibits professionalism in fixing your homes and dealing with customers. Ensure that you check their background before contacting them; otherwise, you can get a low-quality service at a high price.

At the same time, they should ideally be able to work with home insurance companies to save you from the struggle of filing claims. Find a company that can deal with your insurance without worrying about it.

Lastly, they should have good customer feedback. You can check their website and read their reviews to see the quality of work they can provide. Read both positive and negative feedback to understand how they work and the quality of customer experience they give.

Contact The Best Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire damage is no joke, and it should be dealt with professionally and immediately, which is our top priority. We understand how hard it is to deal with fire aftermath, and we at Remediate Renovation got you covered. We are the best restoration professionals you can hire, and we go beyond restoring fire damage. We offer immediate response to your needs with the highest quality service we gained with years of experience.

Aside from that, we also have air duct cleaning services that you can avail of to get rid of fire residues that may have settled in your air ducts. To learn more about us, contact us immediately! We ensure that no further damage can be done on our watch, and you can enjoy the best service you deserve.


Fire Damage Restoration

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